Working from our friendly new offices located in the heart of the town of Sta. Eulalia del Rio.

Ibizaliving is a loosely associated group that concerns itself with all aspects of living, Ibiza real estate investment or setting up residence on the island of Ibiza. Our areas of expertise are split into three main parts, Architecture, Ibiza Real Estate and Consulting, so we are able to engage most of the issues related to property and real estate in Ibiza, be it buying, selling or development.

Ibizaliving aims to provide advice to all persons, ranging from first time buyers/sellers to large investment groups. Our input begins from the first moment on. Starting with the initial search for a suitable property, then onto the detailed design and build of your house or investment project, and further on we can assist in the final sale or rental of your home or Ibiza real estate development.

Our team of experts will guide and assist you throughout all the processes involved.