Santa Eulalia




With wide and unimpeded views to the East, Santa Eulalia bay and on to  the South, this property is one of exception and typically set on several levels, aiding the collateral enormity of this development Project.

This house  was built by the 888 developers on a large plot of 45.000 m2 located between the Island‘s capital, Ibiza town and Santa Eulalia.  It was built on a plot surrouded by pine forests and covers an area of 500 m2 living space.

This project is based on Sacred Geometry, the Myth of the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Numbers.

Can Reiet offers state-of-the-art technology and is very unique with respect of aesthetics and keeping the feeling authentic. The practise of innovative architectual solutions were implemented in the built environment.


Parametric designs not only are being used to make buildings more visually cogent but to precisely tune nearly every aspect of their performance, from design to energy efficiency.  An adroit combination of coexisting architecture that gives the house an abiding feeling of natural contemporary living.